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New community

Hi!I have created this community for all us girls. We know we are pregnant: morning sickness, rose lines, big belly... but why we can´t be sexy??
This community is for pregnant teens or not teens that they feel sexy, beautiful, precious, gorgeous...because we are it!
For entry this community you must answer some questions like this:

Your name
What is your due date?
Its a boy or a girl?(If you already know it)
How old are you?
How do you feel in this moment?
Do you want really to become a mom?
Do you have anymore child?
Have you thought any name for him/her?
Are you married or not?

Answering to these questions and post any pic of your face (clear) and a pic of your belly
I´ll read your answers and you´ll entry this group. Very easy!!
I´ll try to post my own pics too and answer your questions.
Thanks and see you!

A place to talk about pregnancy, that wonderful moment
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