Noelle (morbidsoulsrus) wrote in azteenmom,

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Your name Noelle
What is your due date? Feb. 19
Its a boy or a girl?(If you already know it) Dunno
How old are you? 17
How do you feel in this moment? Tired and achey
Do you want really to become a mom? More than anything in the world
Do you have anymore child? no
Have you thought any name for him/her? yes
Are you married or not? no

I really want this baby, but I can't keep it. My dad already threw me out, and my mom only took me in because I haven't finished high school yet. I'm going to give the baby up for adoption, and all I keep hearing is how hard its going to be. Dont people think I know that? I just need some people to talk to, hopefully someone who will understand and support my choice to give my baby a good life.
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