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I'm forwarding an announcement from Phoenix-based doula/student midwife Stephanie Soderblom:

"There is a new 'expectant mom's group' called the Belly Band!
It is free to join...and will be held on the 1st and 3rd tuesday of each
month (making DARN sure it doesn't interfere with Birth Circle
meetings!). It is open to anyone that is planning a pregnancy, anyone
that is pregnant or postpartum. It's mostly for the social aspect for
expectant moms...

It will be from 7-9pm and be held at Every Mother & Child at Guadalupe
and Ellsworth (just off of the 202). Snacks and drinks will be provided
and I hope to eventually get a good enough turnout that we can separate it up into
"preconception through 20 weeks" and "20 weeks through the 4th
trimester"......heck, eventually even doing it by each trimester. But for
right's open to everyone and I'd love to see a good turn out.

I will also be taking a picture each month of members so that we can
have a record of how members change and grow and such. (it's
offered...definately not manditory!)

If you or anyone you know would like to join our Belly Band
group...please call me..


Stephanie Soderblom CCCE CD(DONA) CLD CAAC
Student Midwife - Mesa, AZ
Doula/CBE/Pregnancy/Birth Photography
Owner: Birth Story Diaries - real births, real photos
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